testimonial3From a young couple just beginning EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy):

Thank you so much for being such an awesome therapist, and person to confide in.  While it has only been a few sessions, I’m feeling so hopeful that this will help this issue and set us up for a really functional dynamic in general.  Just wanted to thank you now because this literally means the world to me and you’ve been so patient, understanding, and helped direct much more productive conversations than we’ve ever had.  We both think the world of you already and are excited to see where this takes us.

Testimonial for Wendy:

Wendy is so wonderful I feel at a lack of words to express not only how I feel about her guidance but also how she has impacted my life. She is extremely trustworthy, wise, and compassionate. Her own commitment to self-exploration clearly shines through in her ability to get to the essence of what I feel, experience, and express to her. Her unconditional presence, integrity, sensitivity, mindfulness, and heart lend her the special gift of insightfulness, helping to reveal connections that are important to me but difficult to see on my own. With Wendy’s support I have been able to find healing through posttraumatic stress. Her experience with yoga and embodiment practices has been extremely beneficial in helping me pay attention to my body and integrate difficult experiences. And, Wendy recognizes that wellbeing is not merely tied to one’s ability to cope and pursue personal growth, but also to one’s embeddedness in relationships and larger socio-cultural structures that requires negotiation.

Out of my healing work with Wendy, I feel that I’ve grown into a more compassionate, loving, emotionally attuned, communicative, strong, and courageous person. I can now better acknowledge both the light and the dark that exists in this world, at the same time that my sense of connection and love for others and my appreciation for life has deepened. It is a blessing to be able to work with her!

A high school student having a hard time dealing with stress wrote:

Today was my first day of the ninth grade. It was pretty stressful. I already have a lot of homework and teachers are already saying “This is not going to be an easy class.” That makes me feel real good! (Not) But I can get used to it because I now have good tools to relax and relieve that stress.

From an older adult about Viniyoga:

Wendy Gaylord changed my life when she introduced me to yoga. She tailored my routine to accommodate my personal needs and I have continued to use her instructions for over 10 years.

A young athlete with scoliosis wrote:

I now know how to stretch and get a good stretch with the way I breathe and I actually feel good after I stretch because of you! I’ve been doing a lot of yoga stretches actually on the soccer field because it makes my back feel so much better. I feel like I am sitting up much straighter than usual too!

From a Boulder County Case worker:

As a caseworker for several years, I have struggled regularly with finding clinicians willing to work with our families who also take insurance, particularly Medicaid, and are willing to accept a sliding fee.

Ms. Wendy Gaylord is highly skilled in working with families who are struggling with poverty and mental health issues and at risk youth. Her level of compassion and understanding is unparalleled. Ms. Wendy Gaylord is well suited for the high level of collaboration that is required within our system.

Written by a woman in her mid-20s that I saw several years ago who wrote a college English paper about our work together. Below is from her email giving me permission to share her essay:

I may not have known it when I was younger, but our talks together truly prepared me for so many challenges and changes that I have faced thus far. I am constantly trying to grow from my experiences, and find the positives in difficult situations. Even the simple breathing exercises we had worked through together have been an amazing help when the day just seems too heavy. I am so glad to hear that you can use anything from our experiences together to move forward with your practice, and hopefully help someone else. I still haven’t quite found my passion, but as we had discussed earlier, I have learned so much about myself and my relationship with others throughout the years. I will be forever grateful for my short-lived, but most definitely invaluable sessions with you.

Photo credit: Laurie Werner